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Express option for VK and Twitter

Added the ability to create an Express order to buy subscribers in VK, such orders will be completed on average 4 times faster than regular orders. This will be especially noticeable on orders with broad targeting, but on orders with narrow targeting, it will most likely be almost invisible.
We also updated the processing of Express orders via Twitter, now such orders will be executed at a speed of up to 1000 executions per day. This applies to all types of Twitter, and likes, and retweets, and followers.

Telegram is back and country targetings

As some of you have already noticed in the previous month, we resumed accepting orders for Telegram promotion. Previously, we had to disable this type of tasks due to the poor quality of order processing. We hope that now there will be fewer complaints from advertisers about this type :)

We also add country targeting for tasks like "Youtube likes", "Telegram subscribers", "Twitter likes/followers
etweets", as well as for Quora tasks. This option is available under Additional order options.

This parameter looks at the current location of the user, and not the country that is indicated in his social network profile. So far, only a few countries are available in the list (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), but in the near future we plan to add other countries and sets of countries, f

Happy New Year!

Today is the last working day and the final article for this year! Our support team will be on holiday over the New Year holidays, so don't be surprised if tickets are answered after January 8th. Payouts and order processing should continue to run smoothly, and we continue to monitor them over the holidays, regardless of the working calendar.

Also this week we started testing a new section with paid surveys for users. In it, you need to take surveys for a bonus, that goes to the balance of vktarget and is added to the money earned on completing other tasks. We hope this way of earning will be a good addition for You, our users.

Thanks to all users and customers who celebrate this new year with us! Happy New Year 2023!

Order processing updated

Some of the users have already noticed that they started to receive tasks for social networks that are not attached in their profile.

On the previous week we have update our algorithms to make it possible but there were several problems with this update. First and the most noticeble was the fact that desktop users started to receive the Likee tasks and was unable to perform it. Second significant problem was that new update was ignoring user's personal settings (for example user was still receiving Quora tasks while has stated that  don't want to receive Quora tasks).

All of these problems(and several others) has been solved now. In case you still receive some un expected behavior please let us know in the ticket system.


Statistics for 24 hours

3318New users
23 074 Buy likes
1 736 Retweet
4 163 Set Like
69 Write a comment
6 Stream viewers
906 Follow
294 Follow
306 Reblog
25 Write a comment
292 Upvote
2 481 Follow
1 795 Post view

Подписчики и лайки Вконтакте

Накрутка лайков и друзей вконтакте это всегда плюс к статистике вашего профиля. Так же с помощью услуги накрутки лайков и репостов вы можете заметно увеличить охваты вашей аудитории и привлечь новых подписчиков. Покупка просмотров поможет продвинуть практически любую публикацию, и новые посетители станут вашей аудиторией. Даем гарантию на нашу накрутку до 60 дней в случае любых непредвиденных событий. Накрутка лайков и репостов в правильной пропорции работают не только чтобы создать видимость активного профиля, но и привлечь настоящих живых пользователей к вашему контенту.

Накрутка подписчиков и просмотров в Телеграм

Накрутка просмотров и подписчиков в Телеграм позволяет заметно увеличить вашу аудиторию и помогает привлекать новых пользователей на ваш канал. Т.к. все выполнения идут реальными подписчиками телеграм, мы не может дать гарантии, что они не отпишутся от вашего канала если их не заинтересует ваш контент. Подписчики уже сами по себе дают увеличение активности на канале, растут и просмотры последних постов и люди могут писать комментарии, если они у вас не закрыты, но иногда нужно продвижение именно на конкретный пост, а не весь канал в целом, для этого есть способов накрутки просмотров в Телеграм.

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