Dated: 2023-05-03 15:23:18

Telegram is back and country targetings

As some of you have already noticed in the previous month, we resumed accepting orders for Telegram promotion. Previously, we had to disable this type of tasks due to the poor quality of order processing. We hope that now there will be fewer complaints from advertisers about this type :)

We also add country targeting for tasks like "Youtube likes", "Telegram subscribers", "Twitter likes/followers/retweets", as well as for Quora tasks. This option is available under Additional order options.

This parameter looks at the current location of the user, and not the country that is indicated in his social network profile. So far, only a few countries are available in the list (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), but in the near future we plan to add other countries and sets of countries, for example: "All countries of Europe" or countries of the "Middle East".
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