Company name: Individual Entrepreneur Vikhorev Aleksandr
Identification Number: 305512932

Registration address: Georgia, City Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, N 29a service, herein after referred to as the Service, providing this public offer suggests making a contract of service. After accepting the offer by actions stated below, you, hereinafter referred to as the client, make a contract on the conditions and rules defined by the present offer. The current version of the user agreement is available at

Terms of Service for the

1. Advertising services

1.1. Marketing materials, the moment of beginning, the period, type and specificity of information, placed via the Service in social networks as well as other conditions concerning the placement of Information, are defined by the client via the user interface of the service within the limits fixed by the Administration.
1.2 Statistics on Information placement and means to its access are carried out by the Service. Collected statistical information is placed on the protected Internet resource of the Service.
1.3. The client gets access to the Internet resource and the statistical information placed on it by means of a certain unique login and a password defined by the clients themselves, or using an account in social networks "attached" to their login and password.
1.4. A refund of money topped up to the user account is carried out at the discretion of administration of service.

2. Rights and obligations
2.1. The Service undertakes:
2.1.1. To place the client’s advertising materials, according to the terms established by the terms of service
2.1.2. Not limiting user's access to the client’s advertising materials placed by means of the service
2.1.3. To provide the access to statistical information on placement of Information materials on Internet resources of the third parties by means of the unique login and the password chosen by the Client by means of the User interface of the service located on the protected Internet resource of the Service to the Client
2.2. The client undertakes:
2.2.1. To pay in due time and in full for the services provided by the Service according to the present Contract. To provide for placement on Internet resources of the third parties the Information materials conforming to the requirements of the Contract and annexes to the Contract.
2.2.2. To provide the Information materials that are subject to ownership or other property titles of the Client determined by the current legislation of the Russian Federation for placement on the third parties Internet resources.
2.2.3. To provide written confirmation of the rights for the placed Information within three days upon request of the Administration of the Service.
2.2.4. In case the Client places information of goods or services for which there exist rules and restrictions, the Client is obliged to have all necessary allowing documents, licenses or certificates and to provide their copy within three days upon request of the Administration of the Service.
2.2.5. To use all money transferred to the account of the Service as an advance payment for services independently and in full.
2.2.6. To maintain availability on the Internet of the advertised materials specified in the tasks created via the Service interface independently.
2.2.7. The advertiser undertakes not to create tasks comprising links to the platforms violating the law; being advertising of other businesses focused on social networks or SMS-payments; any other platforms which can be recognized inadmissible by the administration of the business.
2.2.8. The client undertakes not to send any message that can be regarded as spam by the Advertiser or the Administration of the Service to the Advertiser.
2.2.9. The client undertakes not to use automatic control facilities of an account, except the means coordinated with the Administration of the Service.

2.3. The Service has the right:
2.3.1. Without warning the user to change advertising parameters which the Client sets when creating a task.
2.3.2. To remove from advertising such materials of clients that the Administration considers to be not appropriate for publication.
2.3.3. To demand the Client to pay for the services rendered in accordance with the present service contract on time and in full.
2.3.4. To limit the third parties access to the Information materials placed by the Client in case of violation by the Client of terms of the contract, including violation of articles 2.2.2,2.2.4.
2.3.5. To send information letters from the Service to the Client by e-mail.
2.3.6. The Administration of the Service has the right to use materials from posts of the attached groups (public pages).
2.3.7. The Administration of the Service has the right to block the user's account without explanation.
2.3.8 The Administration of the Service has the right to refuse the Client withdrawal of funds in case the Client’s activity is regarded as exchange of money. Exchange in this case is meant as input and output of money in different payment systems without spending money for marketing needs.

3. General usage
3.1. This agreement enters into force right after registration of the user on the and stops only upon the written statement of the user sent to the address of the Administration of the Service.
3.2. The Administration can change the content of this offer, without users’ notice, and a new offer enters into force within 3 days after its change.

4. Refund Policy
4.1 You can request a refund of balance left within 30 days from payment day.
4.2 Refund is provided to the same account payment was received from only. If there are any third circumstances that make the refund imposiible (e.g. customer’s account termination or card blocking), then the refund is not provided.
4.3 Requests regarding the quality of the order processing are accepted within 3 months from the date of publication of the order. Requests submitted after this period will not be processed.
4.4 Refund is processed within 30 days from the date of refund request received.

5. Possible reasons causing account block.
5.1 Using several account with not a real information. That were create for our Service only.
5.2 Account can be blocked by the claim from other client or by the regular check from the Service Administration.
5.3 Using more than 4 profiles by one person is prohibited. All accounts that withdraw money to the same wallet are considered to belong to the one person.
5.4 Using any automated tools such as bots, script, etc. for performing tasks on the Service is prohibited. Accounts that use any kind of automated tool for this purpose will be banned.
5.5 Creation a set of invalid tasks or tasks that mislead users is prohibited.
5.6 Creation of tasks that contain materials that violate laws or moral and ethical standards
5.7 Publication of rude comments or messages on the advertised page is prohibited.