Buy YouTube Likes

Why do I need to buy likes for my videos?

Buying YouTube likes is one of the best strategies to increase your visibility, authority, reputation popularity and ranking on YouTube. Buying likes for your YouTube video is just as easy as buying views. However, the benefits are slightly different. While a high view count tells people that your video is popular, having thousands of likes lets the world know that you're creating content that people enjoy and want to watch more of. Its a highly regarded form of social proof. Having lots of likes on your videos can help you to get a boost in the search results, as the number of likes is one of the key metrics that YouTube’s algorithm uses to determine ranking. Videos with high numbers of likes also enjoy increased visibility on the platform, showing up more in suggested videos and gaining more views and likes organically. If you have a lot of dislikes on your videos buying likes is also a good way to balance this out and improve the status of your account.

What are the main benefits of buying YouTube likes?

Higher search rankings. Buying likes for your video tells YouTube that people are enjoying it. Once the algorithm knows that your video has been well received (and that people like your content), it will ensure that you get priority over similar videos with fewer likes in the search results. This increased visibility means that you will have a much greater chance of being suggested to searchers and of reaching a wider audience.

Add credibility to your business or brand. Having lots of likes on your videos is a great form of social proof. Social proof is incredibly important when it comes to social media marketing. When you have lots of YouTube likes you are sending a positive message to consumers who are then far more likely to trust you and eventually become paying customers. Buying YouTube likes is, therefore, a great way to add an air of legitimacy to your business and to show your customers how well established and how popular you are.

Get more subscribers. As we've already touched upon, buying social media marketing services can also help to increase your organic engagement levels. Buying likes for your YouTube videos can help you to increase your overall number of subscribers. As the number of likes on your videos increases, so does your visibility and more importantly, the number of times that you are suggested to new potential subscribers who may be interested in your content. The more people are exposed to your content on a regular basis, the more likely they will be to hit that subscribe button. This helps to increase your brand awareness and potential for profit.

Attract sponsorship. If you're someone who's looking to attract high paying sponsors, buying YouTube video likes (as well as comments, shares and high retention veiws) should definitely be part of your strategy. We work with many influencers and we have learned that big businesses and brands want to work with influencers that are well-liked. They tend to look for high levels of engagement across the board and the number of likes on Youtube videos is one of the key metrics they consider when deciding who to partner with on sponsorship deals.

Increase your chances of going viral.

It's a little-known secret that many classic viral videos were actually paid for in part. If you constantly create videos based on current trends, there's a really good chance that buying one of our larger packages (we sell up to 25,000 likes per transaction) will help you to achieve that goal. To go viral, you need a whole lot of likes at the beginning (when you first post) and the hope is that this will then snowball out of control. While we can't guarantee that everyone will jump on board, we can give you that initial boost to maximize your chances.

Restore your account after receiving too many dislikes.

We all know that the haters are out there. If you've been affected by too much negative engagement, then buying our likes, (or even our shares and views) can help you to get back onto the right track.